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Open Data Editor

Comparision to Alternatives

There are several alternatives available with their own pros and cons. Let’s comapre them with Open Data Editor to have a better understanding of the Data IDE field.



OpenRefine is an open source web application for editing and cleaning data. It allows users to process tabular data and has an extensive set of features for data exploration, cleaning and export: such as filtering, faceting, clustering, edit data, join, merge, reconcilliation and more through plug-ins. Since version 3, there is built-in support for Frictionless Data standards to describe and package a collection of data. More information about OpenRefine can be found here.


Data Curator

Data Curator application has features to describe, validate and publish data. The published data will be in machine-readable and reusable format. It uses frictionless Data Package standards and has integration with CKAN. The data curator is also available through Microsoft Windows store and MAC App store. More information about OpenRefine can be found here.



Delimiter App is a lightweight tabular data(CSV) editing tool which has grid-like structure and allows editing the data such as inserting, deleting, editing etc. After editing it can be synced with github directly. More information about Delimiter App can be found here.



Datasette is an open source web application tool that allows users to explore and publish data. It provides various features to filter and query the data to understand the characteristics of the data. It also has a feature to publish the data. There are various plugins available for datasette such as datasette-leaflet, datasette-json-html etc. Datasette also provides an installable application for macOs. More information about Datasette can be found here.



Excel is also a multi-purpose tool which can be used to explore and clean data with various features such as filters, excel formulas, analyze features, charts, data editing features etc. With these features it empowers users to work with data more efficiently. More information about Excel can be found here.



VScode has various available plugins to handle tabular data such as Deport Data Editor, Edit-csv, Excel Viewer etc. These plugins provides features to edit the json, csv data in tabular form as excel. Some plugins simply provide viewing in the tabular format while others have editing features such as add. edit, filter etc. More information about VScode plugins can be found here.

Excel Viewer


Deport Data Editor



In summary, there are various data editing applications out there, each specializing in different areas such as data cleaning, editing, standardization and publishing.

When comparing Open Data Editor to other alternatives, it also offers data cleaning, validation, standardization and packaging features. Open Data Editor supports easy data publishing like Data Curator and Datasette. It is easy to publish the processed data to CKAN, Github and Zenodo with a single button click.

Similar to Excel, Datasette, Excel Viewer and Deport Data Editor, Open Data Editor also supports data editing and exploration using easy to use GUI Interface. Besides tabular data, Open Data Editor supports other file types such as images, scripts, sql, charts etc. With AI features Open Data Editor empowers users by assisting them in generating and editing various types of files.

Open Data Editor is available on all major platforms: Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

ℹ️ Are you looking for a Data Editor for your critical project? Give Open Data Editor a try and share your feedback with us!